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“ALTAÏR manages aircraft transactionstransformations and transitions through turn-key project management solutions, designed to deliver success worldwide and provide relief from unnecessary anguish, time and expenditure, across the executive, commercial and regional aviation sectors.

With more than 25 years’ extensive experience in aviation finance procurement, structuring and asset management, ALTAÏR has developed a diversified experience and expertise which forms the backbone of the professional project management services it now provides, making fleet restructuring, aircraft acquisition, repossession, remarketing and disposal smooth and simple.

Multilingual and multidisciplinary, A
LTAÏR provides a unique combination of technical and regulatory skills and financial expertise allied to a legally sensitive approach. The team delivers tailor-made and turn-key solutions for customers dealing with challenging or unusual situations, and resolves sophisticated issues with discretion and aplomb.”

You can leave your asset to us: we’ll take care of it!

Every project is fully customised to meet individual client expectations and needs, as well as specific project demands and all kind of constraints. With a depth of knowledge that embraces technical, regulatory skills and financial expertise, allied to a legally sensitive approach, ALTAÏR  provides fully integrated solutions for complex and/or sophisticated aviation issues.

The tailor made project management delivered by ALTAÏR typically involves a proficient combination and balance of the services non-exhaustively listed below:

Executive and Corporate Aircraft Acquisition and Completion Management

A one-stop-shop and turn-key project management solution whereby we independently monitor all stages of bizliner acquisition and outfitting, to ensure aircraft are delivered on time, within budget and to full satisfaction of our clients. We constantly protect their interests.

This typically encompasses the following:

  • customer’s expectations and aircraft type definition
  • aircraft selection and acquisition
  • aircraft financing procurement
  • designer and completion centre selection
  • completion management and on site supervision
  • inception into operations

This multi-skilled solution embraces all aspects from financial to legal and technical, to regulatory questions. ALTAÏR makes bizliner acquisition and completion a smooth experience for High Net Worth Individuals, Corporations, Royal Families, Heads of State, Manufacturers and Private Operators.

Aircraft Reconfiguration and Conversion Management

A comprehensive turn-key approach to make aircraft reconfiguration and conversion a smooth and cost effective experience for our clients. We enforce a unique combination of technical, regulatory compliance skills and financial expertise, allied to a legally sensitive approach, to monitor all stages of such projects:
  • feasibility studies and/or aircraft procurement
  • selection of design organisations
  • on site supervision of reconfiguration / conversion
  • approval of modifications by aviation authorities
  • preparation of aircraft’s induction into operation
Fully integrated solutions are provided for Operators and Lessors.

Financing and Refinancing Procurement

Our extensively integrated network within the aviation finance community has been developed for more than 25 years through industry partnerships as well as senior executive positions with major financial institutions. This enables us to source suitable aircraft financing or refinancing solutions to meet and protect our customer’s best interests.

An instrumental service for to Operators and Lessors.

Fleet Planning and Restructuring

We offer comprehensive services which incorporate a wide-ranging depth of skill and experience to successfully assist Operators with fleet planning and restructuring:
  • market surveys, business plans, route planning studies as well as review of seat capacity required and frequency needs to define aircraft size requirements
  • aircraft type selection and aircraft sourcing
  • aircraft comprehensive appraisals

… to name just a few of them.

This wide range of services is ideally suited to Operators.

Aircraft Appraisals and Comprehensive Asset Management

Not only are aircraft operating tools; they may also carry sizeable liabilities or exposure. Because it is crucial to ensure they are all accurately assessed, factored in and properly managed, we offer a wide range of services, enforcing as necessary the merger of technical, regulatory skills and financial expertise, allied to a legally sensitive approach:
  • risk exposure assessment and monitoring
  • aircraft technical surveys and valuations up to comprehensive appraisals
  • technical, operational and market study including topics like estimation of operating costs or outlook of future developments for instance
  • aircraft restitution and/or repossession management to avoid unnecessary exposure to sizeable liabilities
  • arrangement of aircraft ferry flights, storage, preservation and maintenance, enrolment onto suitable continuing airworthiness management, insurance, etc
  • aircraft registration transfers arrangement to ensure the assets remain readily remarketable over time
  • aircraft procurement and/or disposal
These are truly integrated solutions for Lessors, Financial Institutions, Operators, High Net Worth Individuals, Corporations, Royal Families, Heads of State and Manufacturers to cope with complex or sophisticated aviation issues.

Aircraft for Sale

What Our Clients Say

“This is the first operating lease financing for the airline. It represents part of our long-term fleet financing strategy towards a mixture of leases and bank loans to enable us to continue our future growth plans. To that end we were delighted to work with the team at ALTAÏR to complete this transaction efficiently and within tight time scales.”

Renate Moser
Chief Executive Officer
Intersky, Austria

“He has asked me to forward his personal thanks for the excellent job that you completed with this jet.  From my side I shall always remember the professional and ‘eloquent’ way that you directed the operation and your perseverance.  I look forward to a continuous and positive co-operation.”

Private Client UAE
Airbus A320

“ALTAÏR has an outstanding reputation in the industry, I know I’d call them with a problem.  They are the ‘fixers’.  If you’re facing a real challenge in a difficult jurisdiction, or need to repossess an aircraft fast to release assets, you can call them and be confident that they have the experience and global contacts to help.”

Ray Sisson
Chief Executive Officer
AWAS, Dublin

“Innovative financial solutions for complex aviation projects combined with a sharp legal focus, troubleshooting mentality and a ‘can do’ attitude.  ALTAÏR'S turn-key methodology is extremely cost-effective. If you think something is un-financeable or impossible to achieve, their extensive top-level experience always provides a fast and practical answer.”

Fred Brown
Aergo Capital Limited, Dublin

“As a business partner, ALTAÏR demonstrated their inherent understanding of what the client wanted and the entire project was capably supervised for maximum efficiency and precision. Like a private banker, ALTAÏR is discreet and diplomatic.  Their extensive experience at boardroom level balances stringent cost management with a desire to exceed client expectation.”

Heinz Koehli
Founding CEO/Strategic President
AMAC Aerospace Switzerland Ltd

“Well now that most of my fires are out and I have our new aircraft home, I wanted to take a moment to say that without the support of ALTAÏR and the professional team they employ this purchase would not have been as successful.”

Private Buyer USA
Falcon 900EX EASy

“We would like to thank everyone at ALTAÏR for all the hard work they have put into selling this aircraft. You have done an excellent job for us.  I also appreciate all the help and advice you have given.”

Gulf Monarchy

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